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13 December 2014 @ 02:00 pm
Hi there guys,

here is the promised Sign-Up Post for the Posting Dates.

Up to five people can post on one day. We just want posting spaced out a bit and mainly the assigned posting dates are there for us mods. That way we can more easily see if someone might be dropping out and can organise pinch-hitters.

Possible Posting Dates
December 20st mr_picard gryphon2k
December 21st evelyncarver Maddie sunnybea angelus2hot
December 22nd annievh
December 23rd moon01234 patriciatepes sa_brina86
December 24th unheardmelody21
December 25th alafaye crescent_gaia
December 26th jadesymb
December 27th thunder_nari
December 28th x_disturbed_x ladyoneill babyara
December 29th cashay wildfreehearts
December 30st leperu flipflop_diva flyingharmony bluemermaid
December 31st dunderklumpen frenchroast csichick_2

Hope you're all doing fine
21 December 2014 @ 08:37 pm
Title: Give In To Me
Author: angelus2hot
Recipient: dunderklumpen
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1
Characters/Pairings: John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell
Rating/Category: PG-13
Warnings: None
Safe for Work?: Yes

Summary: John doesn't react well to Cam's declaration.

Read here: AO3
21 December 2014 @ 08:21 pm
Title: Hunger
Author: angelus2hot
Recipient: maddiebonanaf
Fandoms: Once Upon A Time
Characters/Pairings: Neal Cassidy/Tinker Bell
Rating/Category: NC-17
Warnings: Oral Sex
Safe for Work?: Absolutely not

Summary: Secret, hopeful desires finally come to fruition.

Read here: AO3
Title: Midnight Kiss
Author: maddiebonanaf
Recipient: angelus2hot
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Characters/Pairing: Gremma
Rating/Category: G
Warnings: none
Safe for work?: yes

Summary: Graham has never had a New Years kiss before.

It was ten minutes to midnight and the chatter in Granny's Diner couldn't have been louder.

Nearly half the town had gathered in the diner for the New Years party to countdown for midnight.

It was the first time Graham had ever gone. Every other year Regina would have him working or over at her house sharing a quiet dinner.

But this year things were different. Regina had lost her control on Graham, he finally felt as if he had free reign of his own body now.

He had used this new freedom to ask Emma to the party and he couldn't have been happier to hear her say yes.

He checked his watch. Midnight was growing closer.

Speaking of Emma, her laughter suddenly filled his ears.

Emma was mingling with Mary Margaret and Ruby, the trio laughing and smiling as they gossiped.

Graham smiled at the sight. He was glad that Emma was making herself comfortable in this town.

Strangers were rare in this town and often seen as threats. And with Emma's headstrong personality, fitting in in Storybrooke for her should have been a difficult task.

But Emma had found herself here, blending in with the other townsfolk and making herself at home.

And she had chosen her friends wisely. Mary Margaret and Ruby were definitely showing Emma the best side of Storybrooke.

The three girls laughed again at something and Emma turned her gaze towards Graham, catching him watching her.

He looked away shyly and blushed but saw Emma coming towards him anyways.

"Why are you such a wallflower? You'd think it was me that was a town regular." Emma joked playfully.

"I've actually never been to one of these things," Graham admitted to her, "I didn't get out much before..."

Emma raised a brow, "Before what?"

"I think you know what I mean," Graham said flirtatiously.

"Madam Mayor didn't want you out on the holidays I'm guessing?" But Graham didn't answer her. He was too busy taking in her beauty. It was the first time tonight he noticed how gorgeous she looked.

A sleek red dress that looked stunning with her golden curls cascading down her shoulders.

It was always when he was with Emma that he felt something, something warm and breathtaking, something deep inside him that he had never felt before she came to town.

Emma drew closer and the scent of her sweet perfume hit his nose.

"So if you've never been to a New Years party, then I guess it's safe to assume you've never had a New Years kiss?" She cocked her hips and smiled at him in that forward, flirty way of hers.

"You would be correct on that assumption." Graham gently pulled her close by catching her at her waist. His arms fit perfectly around her figure and he loved it.

Around them everyone started counting down, but Graham and Emma stood there, looking at the stars in each other's eyes.

"10 seconds to midnight." Emma whispered. But Graham couldn't wait any longer.

He cupped her face and their lips met.

Emma placed her hand on Graham's chest and he hugged her close as they shared their midnight kiss.

The diner exploded with a collective "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" And drinks were toasted and kisses were shared around them.

When they finally pulled away, the kiss lingered on Graham's lips and he stroked Emma's cheek softly with his thumb.

"Happy New Year," he whispered, and this time, it was Emma who pulled him in.
21 December 2014 @ 08:08 am
Merry Christmas mr_picard!
Here are 22 icons for you - Johnathan Archer, Archer/Tucker, Hoshi Sato, Charles Tucker III, William Riker, Jean-Luc Picard, Picard/Data, Picard/Riker.

[1-8] Star Trek: Enterprise
[9-22] Star Trek: The Next Generation


Icons!Collapse )
Title: In the Winds of Dawn
Author: septembers_coda
Recipient: thunder_nari
Fandoms: Lord of the Rings and Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: Castiel/Faramir
Rating/Category: PG-13
Warnings: None
Safe for Work? Probably-- [Spoiler (click to open)]there’s implied sex but nothing graphic.

Summary: Alone on watch, Faramir is full of dark doubt. An angel comes, bringing doubts of his own, and something much more.

Here it is on my LJ

Here it is on Ao3
Title: Daenerys and Arya
Artist: Gryph (gryphon2k)
Recipient: x_disturbed_x
Fandom: Game of Thrones
Characters/Pairings: Arya Stark, Daenerys Targaryen
Rating/Category: PG
Warnings: none
Safe for Work? Yes
Summary: wallpapers, fanmix

On my LJ
On AO3
20 December 2014 @ 08:33 pm
Hi guys,

so we officially start the posting period today!
Please remember to join the Community on time so you'll be able to post! There was a problem with posting today but as long as you are a community member it should all work out now.

I'm really looking forward to all the wonderful gifts that were produced this year. Thank you all so much for participating! You're all wonderful people <3

I wish you all the best and a wonderful Holiday time whatever way you celebrate or don't celebrate =)

20 December 2014 @ 08:44 pm
For angelus2hot - Merry Christmas!

Here are 21 icons for you - James T. Kirk & Kirk/Spock (Star Trek: The Original Series)!

[1-16] James T. Kirk
[17-21] Kirk/Spock


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