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Welcome to the Multi Fandom Gift Exchange

Christmas 2014 Schedule

Sign-Ups September 20th - October 17th 2014
Assignments sent out by October 25th the latest
Check In #1 November 15th
Check In #2 December 6th
Posting December 20th - December 31st



  1. Keep the giftee which you've been asigned a secret until posting your gift!

  2. Gifts will include your choice of craft, please keep to a minimum of:

    • fic - 1000 words
    • vids - 1 minute
    • mix - 15 songs
    • icons - set of 20
    • header - set of 5
    • wallpaper - set of 2
    • other artwork (sketches, paintings, manips etc.) I trust the artists to know what would be a sufficient gift, if you are not sure don't hesitate to contact the mods!

  3. Stick to your giftees wishlist, if you're not sure about something or have any questions please contact the mods so we can give the questions to your giftee.

  4. Please put all spoilers under these tags: "<*lj-spoiler title="Spoilers">your spoilery content". (delete the "*" when posting)
    If you are not sure if your content is spoilery please contact the mod!

  5. If you must drop out before finishing your gift, be sure to tell us asap so we can find a pinch-hitter.
    • Dropping out after the posting period starts means you won't be allowed to join next year.

Please remember you are giving a gift, so make it in the spirit you would like to receive it. Also strive to play nice and remember we do not all enjoy the same things, but we can enjoy each other’s efforts and company.

If you have not received an assignment after it's announced they've all been send out or there are any question or concerns email the mod email at multifanmod@gmail.com or send a PM to the Mod Account (mfge_mods)
Do not bring it to our personal journals.

Your mods for this year are cashay and angelus2hot

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A giant 'Thank you!' to cheshirejin, lynx212 and vexed_wench for letting me take over this community! <3